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Tumblr Settings

11/09/2022 12:00 AM by David in Settings

Tumblr General Settings

Tumblr General Settings

Enable Autoposting to Tumblr
Check this box, if you want to automatically post your new content to Tumblr.

Post Content
Choose option whatever you want to post the full content or just a snippet to your Tumblr page. If you choose snippets, the script will post the first 200 characters from your post. You always have the ability to customize that within the meta box.

Tumblr API Settings

Here, You have to enter Tumblr OAuth Consumer Key, Tumblr Secret Key.

Grant Extended Permissions

Allowing permissions
Once you perform the “Grant extended permissions” the script will connect with your previously created Tumblr App. When you go through the steps while connecting the script to your Tumblr App you need to give all the asked permissions. Remember: You give the permissions to your own App, so you won’t get spammed from someone else then your self.

Autopost to Tumblr

Select Accounts
Select each of the users for that you want to automatically post to Tumblr when new post published.

Posting Type
Choose posting type which you want to use, Default is Text posting.

Post Image
Here you can upload a default image which will be used for the tumblr post.

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