Password Encryption Utility

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Password Encryption Utility

About Password Encryption Utility

Password Encryption Tool is a command-line software that is used to encrypt your secured database passwords.

In the past, protective a internet site from hackers requires a incredible deal of hard work to ensure that all of the customers’ statistics is secured and received’t be compromised. But nonetheless, there are instances while hackers can discover a way to acquire critical records about its users. This is the motive why we've got evolved this special password encryption device; we need to help website owners to make certain that each one valuable information on their websites are secured.

Our Password Encryption application device uses three techniques also known as encryption ciphers – the standard DES, MD5, and SHA-1. The standard makes use of a Unix DES-primarily based encryption form of set of rules; even as MD5 uses the hash string that consists of a 32 man or woman hexadecimal quantity; and SHA-1 makes use of the us cozy Hash algorithm 1. Each the MD5 and SHA-1 can be good enough strategies for password digesting, however there are situations that making use of those algorithms will no longer be sufficient.

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