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Page Size Checker tool is a free online tool which tells the webpage size in KB and Bytes. If you are experiencing slow loading web page then you must check your website with this tool and hence reduce your page size to load your website fast. This tool helps you to check the size of any web page. Our page size analyzing tool is fast, reliable and free to use. Search engines don't like the web pages with slow loading speed and it can hurt your website ranking. If you are looking for an online tool to check the size of your website page, then this SEO tool called Page Size Checker is for you! This allows you to find out the size of a website page, measured in kilobytes. It is conceptualized, designed and made for website owners who want to check how their page appears and how large that is!

HTML code size is the size of all the HTML code in your pages, this size does not include images, JavaScript external or external CSS files. The size of an average small website is 12 KB which will load very quickly. If there is very much meda such as: pics and videos on your website then it will load very slow as the size of the website is very large. Embedded media will increse the size of a website. Check your website page size/weight via our webpage weight checking tool Page Size in Bytes and Page Size in KB our free Page Size Checker tool, Webpage Weight Analyzer check your Page Size and show the weight in bytes and kb webpage size calculator

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