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Page Speed Checker

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Giới thiệu Page Speed Checker

Nowadays, Page speed is a most important factor to rank your website. Every website developer or website owner must look carefully at their website's speed because today websites that load extremely quickly are making the best rankings on search engines. According to some studies conducted, it was discovered that 49% of people anticipate a webpage to load under 3-4s and 42% of people close the webpage when it is slow and takes over 4s to load. So page speed is essential to each site's position.

How to check webpage speed?

The expert team of SEOToolsPlanet has developed this free tool which offers you a complete report of any website's loading speed and additionally informs which page or image takes more time to load. Simply write the URL of your website and this tool will crawl your entire web and inform you the general page loading time in addition to a chart providing the number of seconds a specific webpage or picture took to load fully.

Benefits of using this Tool

There are lots of advantages of this tool to website owners. With this tool, you can easily determine what the loading time of your website is. With the given information you can identify which page of your website is taking too much to load.

It is fast, free and provides the specific loading time obtained by the webpage. It is possible to check the page loading speed of as many websites as you want.

If your website loads quickly, then it won't just improve the user experience or reduce the bounce rate, but additionally, it will tremendously improve your search ranking.

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