About the social auto post tool

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About the social auto post tool

11/08/2022 12:00 AM by David in Social auto post tool

     iSEO24h – Social Auto Poster is a Social Media Auto Poster & Scheduler Application that helps you to publish your content automatically on well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, Reddit, Blogger and Pinterest.

     This Application has a one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to schedule your material to auto-post whenever you choose. The Application functions nicely well with personal profiles, corporate sites, groups, etc.

It has Key Features like:

  • Login, forget and reset password option.
  • Change profile information, photo and password.
  • Social network configuration.
  • Quick post.
  • Multi post (Post schedule option).
  • Social posting logs.
  • Social posting reports.
  • Posting debug logs.
  • Google Analytics campaign tracking.
  • Enable or disable auto posting for specific network.
  • Configure unlimited no. of Social media accounts.
  • Total control over Social media shares.
  • Customize message format.
  • URL shortener.
  • Posting preview.

The Benefits that you can get when you use this application:

  • Time Saver: It automatically shares your content to all the famous social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, Reddit, Blogger and pinterest)
  • SEO Friendly: It improves your website’s SEO by increasing the number of backlinks from social networks, and it’s also the quickest way for your website to attract more traffic.
  • Cost Effective: Becomes your social media marketing manager & thus it saves your money.
  • Asily Manageable: It is the most easy way of managing, scheduling, and sharing your post to all the social media sites you have configured.
  • Track Post Performance: Use Google Analytics to monitor and track the post interactions to track progress and to define social media marketing strategies for each of the social networks you have configured.
  • Best Solution for Marketing: This application is the best solution to increase your growth on social media for your business.
  • Free Lifetimes Updates: You don't have to pay any cost when this application lunch upgradage.
  • Establish Social Media Presence: With the help of this application, you can keep your social media content as fresh as new. Consistent online presence because content is automatically posted; consumers discover more of your content on their social media platform. It is a long-term strategy for establishing a strong social media presence.

     To use this application, you can see the userguide via the article bellow: The userguide to use social auto post tool.

     If you have any questions about this application, you can contact us via email: iSEO24hAgent@gmail.com.

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