The userguide to use social auto post tool

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The userguide to use social auto post tool

11/08/2022 12:00 AM by David in Social auto post

How to public post on social networksPlease click on the titles below for detailed instructions on how to use the features for those categories:

I. System Initialization

1.1. General Setting

1.2. Facebook General Settings

1.3. Twitter General Settings

1.4. LinkedIn General Settings

1.5. Tumblr General Settings

1.6. Pinterest General Settings

1.7. Google My Business - General Settings

1.8. Reddit General Settings

1.9. Instagram General Settings

1.10. Blogger General Settings

II. How To Auto Post In Social Networks?

2.1. How To Create A Quick Post?

2.2. How To Create A Multi-post?

2.3. How To See Posting Logs?

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