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Keyword Density Checker

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Acerca de Keyword Density Checker

This tool will crawl the given URL, extract text as a search engine would, remove common stop words and Analyze the density of the keywords.

A keyword is a combination of phrases or words. For example, “Spark” word, as well as “Visio Spark” phrase, is a keyword. The percentage of time a phrase or a keyword appears on a page in light of the total numbers of the words on a web page is called Keyword Density.

Keyword density of a web page is calculated by (Times a specific keyword repeated/Total words on a page) * 100. Keyword density is a widely used term that is a hot topic around SEO community. It gives search engines an idea on which topic your web page is.

Try to keep keyword density of a web page around 1% – 3%, because if you go above 3%, it might be triggered as keyword stuffing in the eyes of search engines. So do not overdo it and place the keywords when possible. Give some value to the people who are reading your content.

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