How to send quick chat of WhatsApp? -

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How to send quick chat of WhatsApp? -

07/22/2022 12:00 AM by David in Sms marketing tool

      The content of this article includes:

+ How to send quick chat of whatsapp?

+ How to delete a chat?

1. How to send quick chat of whatsapp?

+ 1st step: You need to login into, you can read the article bellow to know more about that: Register an account and login into;

+ 2nd step:  you need to click on WHATSAPP (1) menu => SENT (2) menu => QUICK (3) button like FIgure 1 bellow.

Begin to send quick chat of whatsapp

Figure 1: Begin to send quick chat of whatsapp

+ 3rd step: In QUICK CHAT window, you need input all things in that window like picture bellows:

Quick chat window

Figure 2: Quick Chat

     Description about Quick Chat Form:

- PHONE NUMBER (7): You input contact number here. PHONE NUMBER should begin with plus and your country's international telephone area code, Next is the customer's phone number (For example: +840945068598). You can find your country's international telephone area code HERE.

- SHORTENER (8): You need to choose DONT'S  SHORTEN LINK value;

- ACCOUNT (9): You need choose the account of whatsapp that you had finished to setup it in the artcle 3.7.1. How to setup an account of whatsapp?

- MESSAGE (10): You need to input content here. You can use spintax formular and short code for this. You can refer the article "How to create template of content for sms marketing campaigns?" to know how to use them.

=> Final, you click on SUBMIT (11) button to finish;

App android smart phoneNow, you need to open your app in your android mobile to send above sms that you have finished above.

* Notes:

 - A1: If you click on it so it'll logout.

 -A2: You click on it to turn on/off it. If it turn on so you can send sms. 

 - A3: You click on it to turn on/off it. If it turn on so you can get notifications when app send sms finish.

 - A4: If you click on it. So App'll exit

2. How to delete a Chat?

     To delete a Chat that you have scheduled so in list of Chat of WhatsApp like Figure 1 above, you only click on 6th icon for that;

* Note: If you have any questions about this platform, so you can contact us via email to get our support as soon as!


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